Colour consultation & advice
50 shades of stress? With an extensive knowledge of paint, colour theory and psychology to help you choose a scheme right for you.
Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote based on what you would like doing.
Interior Painting & Repair
It does what it says on the tin - This Girl Can Paint but she is also capable of fixing other issues in rooms from skirting, filling, plastering, woodwork, door furniture, window frames & glazing.
Exterior Painting
All exterior work considered from render to facias to balconies to summer houses, sheds and offices.
Hanging paper to transform a room, hallway or just to add some interest in a feature wall is as exciting to me as painting.
Repair Care Qualified
I'm a certified and accredited Repair Care Professional, applying my learning and practise on woodwork internally and externally.
Kitchen cabinet & furniture renovation
Making kitchens look great without the huge expense and transforming drab, tired furniture into much loved pieces again.
Commercial services & rental properties
Working with small commercial businesses across Chesterfield & Derbyshire to refresh, renew and revamp their spaces making them more attractive to customers & suppliers.
Filming, photography, set design & partnerships
Adept in-front of a camera as well as behind a paintbrush! I love working with brands that I use everyday as their products make my life easier so promoting them is a no-brainer.
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