Choosing between different shades of paint can be confusing and often it's hard to know where to even begin. 
The starting point is to create a mood board based on your thoughts, hopes and dreams for the space. Whether it's a room that bursts with colour or sends you into a calm dreamy cocoon there's a hue for every occasion.
Once we've chosen some colours, I will order some tester pots and produce colour cards for you to hang around the space that is to be decorated. This helps you to better understand the different tones and shades the paint will look like within the room. Light from different sources will make the colour look different as will different times of day as the sun will move around your property. 
Using technology such as the Nix Colour Sensor also helps me to accurately match any colour, whether it be your favourite jumper, a magazine cut-out or a wallpaper swatch. 
If you're thinking of wallpapering a room or adding a feature wall, the same process applies to picking and choosing the right paper for you. I will help advise on the best types of paper for the surface that is being covered as sometimes a thicker or textured paper is needed to cover imperfections in a wall.

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