Painting is my forte and it's the thing most clients ask for as they're looking for a fresh lick of paint to brighten, liven or simply change the appearance of a space. 
Cleanliness comes in at a close second place. I pride myself not only on transforming spaces but doing it in a way that minimises the impact on your daily routine and life. Sometimes jobs can take a couple of weeks, so in order to do these smoothly and without hiccup, I treat your home or space with the upmost respect. I have more dust sheets than you can shake a paintbrush at and before I complete a job I make sure there are no splatters, spatters or drips. 
I use Professional Mirka sanding tools used to give a superior finish and reduce preparation time. They are provide dustless sanding to reduce clean-up time and mess created through decorating.
Sustainability and the impact I have on the environment through painting and decorating is an important issue to me as a business and personally. Some of my approaches to minimising the impact on the planet are:
- To clean, maintain and restore my equipment to reduce wastage.
- Return empty paint containers to Crown Decorating Centre as part of the their 'Can Back' scheme.
- To use water-based paints as these contain less volatile organic chemicals compared to oil-based alternatives.
- To offer clients the option to upcycle and restore furniture, tables and kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them therefore reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites.
- Wearing (and cleaning) cloth gloves to protect my hands rather than disposable plastic alternatives.

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